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It was perfect timing; the Río leg of the grand prix was in November – the second to last in the tournament and we were there. Ekuba and I had the time of our lives, well at least I did. Ekuba had spent most of the trip either throwing up or in a cold sweat. She’d tried her hardest to feign enthusiasm, but the constant pale skin and dull eyes betrayed her and yet she was not confident enough to see a doctor out there. Nenaa and Derick along with Kwame and his new beau had joined us in Río and although they hadn’t been able to get tickets to the race course they were equally as psyched over the excursions. Our time together had been superb. 

Overall, Brazil was not a disappointment in the least, but rather beautiful and colourful a country with rich culture and ornate features. Río was every bit as sensuous as we had heard and the food even more luscious. Our two week stint had been very worth it, but we were back to reality and the demands of our daily strife. 
With the huge demands and investments on our inventions we had acquired the space for further operations to produce on a larger scale. I of course spent most of my time in the lab trying to develop new ideas whilst moving into a new and larger apartment. Ekuba had been promoted to ‘Director of operations’ – she too had been extremely busy with work, but not for much longer I assumed as we were expecting our first child in a few months… 

At first processing the news was tough, but we dealt with it as soon as the doctor reassured Ekuba that she did not have the dreaded ‘zika virus’  which had allegedly spread like wildfire in Río. We’d felt a mixture of anxiety and excitement coupled with curiosity, because of Ekuba’s recent experience. I had to admit I’d wanted a child so badly for such a long time, but after the ectopic pregnancy I knew that I didn’t want to subject my wife to another possible ordeal. However with the help of our friends and Annalise especially, we had eventually succumbed to the prospect of parenthood once again. It was left now to find out what was really in store for us and we couldn’t have been as ill prepared as we felt.